Award Information


Eligibility is limited to Wake County Public School students who will satisfactorily complete their sophomore or junior year of high school in June 2011.  The scholarship is not awarded primarily on academic merit, but on the “Paulness” of a candidate’s dream.  The Foundation is especially interested in identifying candidates from challenging circumstances. In order to be eligible for an award, candidates must submit an application and recommendation, as described below, prior to April 30, 2011.


Interested candidates may download and complete the following application:

The Paul Horner Foundation The completed application must be emailed to the following:


Please have an adult who knows you write letter of recommendation to the following email address:  Please insure that the subject of the email is “Recommendation for (Name of Candidate)”.  The adult making the recommendation could be a teacher, coach, mentor or some other person who can speak to your pursuit of personal goals.  All recommendations must contain the following information:

A. Candidate’s name

B. Name of and contact information of person making recommendation.  The contact information must include an address and phone number


Finalists will be invited for an interview in May and a winner will be announced soon thereafter.  The winner will receive a scholarship towards a summer activity that reflects the spirit of Paul Horner and the goals of the winner. An explanation of this activity and why the candidate wishes to engage in it are an integral part of the application.  The scholarship will cover all reasonable expenses related to the activity, such as supplies, travel expenses, and program fees.  The Foundation reserves the right to award scholarships to multiple candidates.